Christmas time is here


Body: Bebe (fitted)- Bebe

Skin: Emmaline- [okkbye]

Shape: custom

Head: Sky- Toddleedoo

Hair: Sugar- #Foxy

Outfit: Sherling Jacket- MaPetit

  • Fits Bebe fitted 
  • 12 colors available (comes with an inner hud)
  • Out now at the Toddleedoo Fair

           Fluffy skirt and leggings- Lazo

           Fur boots- Soda Pop Shop

Plushie: Bitty Ru Plushie- .:: Little Clover::.

  • 5 options of Ru’s
  • Nose lights up and is resizeable
  • Gift or Copy version 
  • Out now at Toddleedoo Fair
  • .__Little Clover__.Bitty Ru Plushies Ad.png



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