Bebe and her foxes


I was playing outside when I heard these little whimpers. Me being the curious one, I went to scope out the sounds. I found these cuties by the tree, so I put them in my wagon and claim them as my sidekicks hehe

Outfit: Patrie dress- ~LaZo~

  • Fits TD Baby and Bebe fitted
  • Can wear the dress with the bow or without
  • 5 colors per pack, 2 exclusives with fatpacks
  • Every pack comes with hairbows with 24 color hud
  • Out now at The Toddleedoo Fair
  • Lazo - Vendor - Patrie Dress

Wagon: Garden wagon- Killi

  • 9 commons, 3 rares, 1 ultra rare
  • Commons & rares can be worn/rezzed, ultrarares can be worn
  • Rares and ultra rares comes with props and huds
  • Out now at Toddleedoo Fair
  • 36189328_1990114071021361_9062032565338112000_n

Pose: Cutie bento pose (4)- {bellybean} 

Body: Bebe body- Bad Seed

Shape: Aya- Babybugs

Skin: Emmaline- [okkbye]

Head: Moon- Toddleedoo

Hair: Isa- .ploom.

Eyes: Twinkle eyes- AV.



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