Day at the park

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Outfit: Mia- [Elodie]

  • Fits TD Baby & Bebe
  • 6 colors available, fatpack has a bonus color
  • Out now at [Ninety Nine]
  • miaAD

          Pearl Princess shoes- {Tiny Trinkets}

  • fits TD and Bebe fitted (with re-sizer and ankle lock)
  • Comes with a 7 color hud
  • Out now at [Ninety Nine]
  • Pearl Princess Flats

Eyes: Nathalie- {:Moose:}

  • Fits any avi (eyes come with a re-sizer)
  • comes in 7 colors
  • Out now at [Ninety Nine]
  • NathalieEyes-AD

Head: Moon- Toddleedoo

Hair: Louisa- Truth

Body: Bebe body- Bad Seed

Shape: Aya- {Baby Bugs}

Skin: Emmaline- [Okkbye]


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