Bakery Trip


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For being a good girl and not getting in trouble in school, Godsis took me to the bakery for some sugary snacks. Of course I got my own slice of cake! It was delicious! She got me a cupcake as well but I have to wait till after dinner to have that

Pose: The Bakery Shop- Something New Props&Poses

  • 5 poses available
  • You can buy the Bakery Pose with all poses and props
  • Can buy the poses separate with props or can just buy the props
  • Is mod to fit any avi
  • Coming soon to The Pose Fair 
  • The Bakery Shop Collage









Head: Alice- Toddleedoo

Hair: Carla- Truth

Eyes: Pure(Gleam)- [Buzz]

Outfit: Polo shirt & Gweyn jeans- ~LaZo~

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Skin: Emmaline- [Okkbye]


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