Butterfly Love

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Body: Bebe (fitted)- Bad Seed

Skin: Emmaline (tone 6)- [Okkbye]

Head: Alice- Toddleedoo

Hair: No_Glory- No.Match

Eyes: Glass(Promise)- Ikon

Outfit: Ollie Sundress(unicorn)- The Spunky Monkey

  • Fits TD Baby & Bebe fitted
  • 8 commons, 1 rare
  • Commons: tribal animals, geo animals, animals, bears,elephants,flowers,giraffes,and hearts
  • Rare: Unicorn
  • 50L gacha coming soon to The Play Room Event
  • TSM Ollie Sundress AD TPR March 2018

Shoes: Laura Ballerines- {Tiny Trinkets}

  • Fits fitted TD & Bebe
  • Comes with footlock, 11 color hud, and resizer(click on the shoes)
  • Coming to KidCrate March box (mp link)
  • Laura Ballerines

Pose: Butterfly Love (Coming soon to Little Bird Pose store)


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