Playing dress up

playing dress up

-Body: fitted Bebe – Bad Seed

-Head: Alice- Toddleedoo

-Skin: Emmaline (tone 6)- [Okkbye]

-Hair: Astra- Truth (which is out now as a gift at the Shop Your Heart Out Event until Feb. 28)

-Eyes: Mira (Sky) – {::Moose::}

-Outfit- Dress up(pink)- -{Buttons}- (16 commons, no rares)

  • Fits only Fitted Bebe
  • Comes with Dress,Bag,Shoes,necklace,sunglasses, and ringpop
  • Dress and bag available in five colors: Blue,Green,Peach,Pink,and Purple
  • Ring-pop available in 5 flavors: Blueberry, Apple, Orange, Grape, Strawberry
  • Necklace,Shoes, and Purse comes with a resizer
  • Ring-pops are rigged for the bebe body but can only wear one at a time
  • Must have your tiptoes on with the shoes to wear them
  • Gacha out now at the Play Room Event
  • .-{B}-. Dress Up Ad Key

-Pose: Selfie- {BellyBean}


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