Skating Bebes


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Today was a beautiful day to not spend it inside. So me and my cuzzie slipped on our skates and decided to go skating. We probably should of worn protective gear but we are little daredevils and didn’t want to use them.

Body: Bebe body- Bad Seed

Shape: custom

Skin: Emmaline(tone 6)- [okkbye]

Head: Alice- Toddleedoo

Hair: P02- Barberyumyum

Eyes: Mira Eyes (sky)- {::Moose::}

  • Comes in 12 colors
  • Black,Blue,Chocolate,Grey,Honey, Ice,Leaf,Lemon,Light Brown,Sea,Sky, and Water
  • Copy,Mod, and Re-sizable(just click on the eyes)
  • {_Moose_} Mira Eyes Ad.
  • Out now at Ninety Nine

Outfit: Hearts Hoodie- .::Little Clover::.

  • Fits TD and Bebe
  • Comes with pants and Hoodie
  • Hoodie comes in 5 colors: Blue,Gray,Green,Pink,Purple
  • Jeans come in one color: Dark
  • .__Little Clover__. Hearts Hoodie Outfit Ad
  • Out now at Color Me Cute

Pose: We Rock- . my lucky stars .


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