I can explain!

I can explain-50L fridayUmmm how to explain this without getting in trouble. I don’t think I can explain. I was hungry and there just happened to be a plate of cookies on the table in the living room. Should I asked first? Probably but the gummy bear told me to do it! Mr.C if you see this,it’s not what you think!

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Koko(Peach)- {LPP}

Head: Alice(Bento)- Toddleedoo 

Hair: Bubbles- Doe

Eyes: Glass(promise eyes)- IKON

Outfit: I can explain jammies- Ohana Inc

  • Fits TD and Bebe
  • Comes with shirt and pants
  • Coming soon to Fifty Linden Friday Kids
  • Ohana Inc Santa I Can Explain Christmas Jammies AD

Pose: Stealing cookies- {xoxo} poses

Props: Christmas rug- [Boomerang]



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