Playing in the mud

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I’m back home from Alaska!!!  But i’m spending the night with auntie Star. It was raining really hard earlier so I wasn’t allowed to go outside to play. I was told specifically not to go out in my pretty clothes after it stopped raining. Well we all know i’m not going to listen. So I slipped on my boots and went out playing. Was having fun until Auntie started chasing me to come back inside. CAN’T CATCH ME!!!

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Koko(Peach)- {LPP}

Head: Alice(Bento)- Toddleedoo

Hair: Lea- Pr!tty

Eyes: Promise eyes(Paradise)- IKON

Outfit: Fall dress with rain boots

  • Made by [Maple]
  • Fits only TD Baby
  • Dress comes in 10 colors
  • Colors: Baby Blue,Black,Brown,Green,Pink,Purple,Rose(in pics),Sky Blue,white and yellow
  • Boots are sold separate for 300L
  • Boots come with a 60 option hud, comes in designs : Solid, Dots, and Clouds
  • Boots have the option of mud or clean
  • Coming soon to Lttl Smll Styl November 13th

Pose: Run for your life!- Naughty and Nice Kids


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