Goodbye cooties!


So my cuzzie decided to drop by and visit. He finally grew in his horns and was showing everyone. Well I remember this one time he pulled a prank on me and I ended having to take a bath(which I hate). So I grew a smile on my face and knew I was going to get him back. So while everyone wasn’t looking, I pulled him in the bathroom and tried flushing him . I mean I wasn’t going to let his cooties get all over my bathtub so flushing is the only way! Although I think his horns broke the plunger *glares*

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Koko(Peach)- {LPP}

Head: Moon(Bento)- Toddleedoo

Hair: Beans- Magika

Eyes: Blue cute byte applier- UA

Outfit: Sarah Outfit

  • Made by .Hunny Bunny.
  • Fits Baby,Bebe, and Kid
  • 6 shirt option, 6 pants options, and 6 shoe options

Pose: Mom its still blocked- Something New Props & Poses

  • Requires two littles
  • Comes with props and poses

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