Doggie did it!


I promise i’m the good one this time! You see what happened was I was downstairs playing with my toys when I heard this big crash upstairs. I came upstairs to look at what happened and there was paint everywhere! Who am I kidding, my dog is too cute and friendly to do this

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Shape: custom

Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

Head: Moon(Bento)- Toddleedoo

Hair: Loni- Truth

Eyes: Soft eyes Clover- .:Bubblegums:. 

Outfit: Splatter Outfit

  • Made by .Hunny Bunny.
  • Fits TD Baby and Kid
  • Comes with a hud for shirt,shoes, and pants
  • Shirts and Shoes colors: Green,Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Orange
  • Pants: Light, Medium, and Dark Blue
  • 199L
  • Out now at Moon and Back Event

Pose: Kids best bud- Posies


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