Back to the 80’s!


Today was “back to the 80’s day” . Mama came in my room and put my hair up in this poofy style and put me in my pink dress. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a selfie 

Body: Babygirl-Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

Head: Moon(Bento)- Toddleedoo

Hair: Lady- Truth

Eyes: Sky- .:Bubblegums:. soft eyes

Outfit: Flashback dress(Pink)

  • Made by ShortnStuff
  • Fits Baby,Bebe, and Kid
  • Comes in four colors : Blue,Gray,Pink, and Purple
  • Comes with sandals
  • Costs 99L at Thimble-a kids Event September 20th

Pose: Selfie poses(2)- LeMomo


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