Ride it out!


I got a new toy!! Mama didn’t say where I could ride it , so figured I take it for a ride in the living room. Let’s hope she doesn’t notice I’m not wearing knee or arm pads and a helmet.

❥Body: Baby girl-Toddleedoo

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

❥Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

❥Hair: No_Glory- No.Match

❥Eyes: Shadow- .::Bubblegums::. Soft eyes

❥Outfit: Summer Dress(watermelon)- Spunky Monkey/Unicorn cupcake

  • Fits Baby,Bebe, Kid
  • 7 commons , 0 rares
  • Watermelon,Forest Critters, Whale,Unicorn,Animal Fun Critters, Strawberry Shortcake, Star
  • Comes with 2 pairs of shoes
  • 50L gacha coming soon to Thimble-A kids event

❥Props/Pose: Hover TD FP~ SN

❀Thimble-a kids event is a 3 week event. This month it will start on the 20th and ends September 10th




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