Behaving is a tough job


After a long day of trying this new thing called “behaving” , Mommy snuggled with me and Mr.Giraffe by the fire cause behaving is a lot of work! Mr.Giraffe even told me a story!

❥Body:Baby girl-Toddleedoo


❥Skin:Emily cinnamon-Bad Seed

❥Head- Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

❥Hair: Louisa- Truth Hair

❥Eyes: Soft Eyes-Violet- .:Bubblegums:.

❥Outfit:Kick Ass Onesie- [Little Nerds]

               Grey and pink striped socks- {Mimo}

Skull baby bink- {Rigby}

❥Prop(s) and Pose(s): Gairaffe Snugs Pillow

  • Made by Just Imagine
  • 75L gacha out now at DaeDreamz 
  • 5 commons, and 2 rares,1 ultra rare
  • Rares: Gairaffes can’t dance (story), Baby Ellie elephant (tells a lullaby)
  • Ultra Rare: King of the Lions (tells the Story of Lion king and sings)
  • Commons pillow: tiger, Gairaffe, sloth, elephant, dragon 
  • Commons has 7 poses for parents and kids to snuggle 

❀DaeDreamz event is an event that starts at the beginning of each month and lasts all month long




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