Lost little aliens

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Me and Gracie had a weird dream. We dreamed we was little blue aliens living in the sky. We was having fun flying around in space when we felt like we hit a hole. We woke up not in space but on something hard and green, we was confused. We found a brown floating device nearby in this liquid stuff that was blue also so we burrowed the brown thing that was floating and left a note “sorries humans we burrowed this floating device” and took off to see if we can go home by following the stars. Gracie wasn’t too happy that our flying adventure was abruptly stopped. By the time we got halfway in the liquid of blue, we woke up and looked at each other and said “No more cotton candy before bed”


❥Body: TD Baby girl

❥Shape: Custom

❥Head:TD Moon Bento

❥Hair: Doe.Loopsie

❥Eyes: .:Bubblegums:. Soft Eyes-Sky


♔Body: TD Baby Girl  

♔Head: TD Moon Bento 

♔Eyes: Catwa Eyes (Catwa)

♔Shape: Custom

♔Nails: Polka Dots (Polished)


❦Skins: **DoRks**Elemental Skin- Diva

  • Out now at the Willowvale Event until August 21st
  • Comes in for different elements: Juniper, Diva, Ivy, and Moon Star

 ♥Bedtime picture: Me: Bad Seed-Emily Cinnamon; Gracie: Bad Seed- Abigail Buff 

❦Hair: Doe.Loopsie

  • Bedtime picture: Me: Magika-The wish; Gracie: Pr!tty-Ellie

❦Outfits: Ohana Inc. Lauren Jean Jacket dress and shoes

  • Bedtime picture outfit: {PB} Lilac little onesies

❥Props:  rickety Raft (*PAN*)

  • Also out now at the Willowvale Event

✿Willowvale event landmark: https://tinyurl.com/yaozkdwa





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