Indoor swimming party!!

Me and my triplet (our twin was in hiding) figured we have a indoor swimming party. Nothing says fun than a pool on the inside with your triplet and a floatie full of chips!

❥Body: TD Baby girl

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Bad Seed-Emily cinnamon

❥Head: TD Moon Bento

❥Hair: Truth-Louisa

❥Eyes: {MP} COSMIC Purple

❥Outfit: *Ruffled Cuties*Mel bathing suit

  • Comes in 4 colors : Fuscia, Ocean,Orchid,Primrose
  • 250L for the fatpack or 75L for single colors
  • Fits bebe,kid and baby
  • Out now at To The Moon and Back Event

❥Props: {AH} Kiddy pool *rare*

                {AH} Floating bowl of chips

                NACH you and me sunlounger Red

❀To The Moon and Back event Landmark:


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