Dolphin it away!

Don’t blame me, my dolphins wanted to be goofy today. I just went along for the ride on this pretty day . Oh who am I kidding. I wanted to be silly hehe

❥Body: TD baby girl

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Bad Seed- Emily cinnamon

❥Head: TD Moon Bento

❥Eyes: {MP} COSMIC Ice blue

❥Hair: Magika-The Wish

❥Outfit: Sammie Swimsuit 

  •  Made by The Spunky Monkey and Unicorn Cupcake
  • 50L gacha coming to Thimble- a kid event July 20th!
  • 1 Rare and 6 commons
  • Commons-Ice cream,Amethyst,kitty,mustache,unicorn, and yorkie
  • Rare-(Shown in picture) Mermaid
  • comes with swimsuit and floaties

❥Pose(s) and Prop(s)- **SN~ Mint and purple Dolphin

❀Thimble-a kids event Landmark:


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