Beach Rockers!

Want to rock out and just have a good time with friends and maybe drive your parents crazy? Then go over to the Toddleedoo Fair happening now till the 11th of July and buy these poses from Something New!

❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl 

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Bad Seed- Emily Cinnamon

❥Eyes: {MP} COSMIC Heat/fire

❥Head: Toddleedoo baby girl KIKIKI

❥Hair: Magika-The Wish

❥Outfit: {Clair de Lune} Vintage Sailor bathing-suit


★SN/SE- wanna be a Rockstar

●Only available at the Toddleedoo Fair

●Can buy the single poses or buy the group pose(for the price of 3)

 ●Single poses : Guitar Smash, Rockstar Drummer, Rockstar Singer, Rockstar Guitar

❁Toddleedoo Fair Landmark:




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