Can anyone say Flower Power?


I always wanted to bring out my inner hippy self. Could never find the right outfit though. Thanks to {Krayola Kidz} I’m finally bringing out some major flower power. ❁Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul❁

❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Bad Seed: Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: {MP}Cosmic Aqua

❥Head: Toddleedoo baby girl mesh KIKIKI

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno

❥Outfit: {Krayola Kidz} Flower Child playsuit; The daisy halo is adjustable

              ● .::*F.O.R*::. Donut Fret Specs

❥Pose: {.:DollFace:.} Fawn Hug

✿{Krayola Kidz} landmark:



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