Gangster Rebels

When you leave two best friends alone and with paint,it’s bound that something is going to be painted or ourselves.


❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Bad Seed: Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: {MP}COSMIC Aqua

❥Head: Toddleedoo babygirl mesh head KIKIKI

❥Hair: Toddleedoo hair Reveuse 

❥Outfit: {Krayola Kidz} Gangster Princess

                Shoes: :*BABY*:CandyPoP Sneakers


♔Body: TD Baby Girl Body (Toddledoo Store)

♔Head: Toddledoo Store Kiki Mesh Head (Toddledoo Store)

 ♔Skin: Abigail Buff (Bad Seed)

♔Eyes: Romantic Eye Applier Hud (Toddledoo Store)

♔Shape: Custom

♔Hair: Sweet (Magika)

♔Outfit: {Sugar and Spice}Tank and shorts Fetch

Hat: {Krayola Kidz} Ganster Princess hat

                Shoes: Wing Light Sneakers; Kawaii Limited Editon (momo)

✿Pose:Say Cheese!~Shoulder Ride~

➤ {Krayola Kidz} booth landmark:






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