What does the fox say?

It’s all fun being the middle child fox until my sissies decide to fight me for my lollipop for being a good girl . As you can tell big brudder just sat back and watch hehe.


ლBody: TD Baby girl mesh body

ლHair: Magika Beans (bow)

ლSkin: Bad Seed Emily Peach

ლHead: *TD* Baby mesh head-KIKIKI

ლEyes: [Little Nerds]Doll eyes-Ice Blue Winter


ლBody:TD Baby girl mesh body

ლHead: *TD* Baby mesh head-KIKIKI

ლSkin: Bad Seed Abigail Buff

ლEyes: Romantic Eye Applier Hud

ლShape: Custom

ლHair: Pr!tty Juno


ლBody: TD Kid mesh body

ლHair: Black Amelie

ლShape: {.:DollFace:.} Ava Shape

ლSkin: CB Ariel skin- Chco

ლEyes: Ikon Promise eyes

Our outfit: :Bo Willow: Fox Costume

Brudder Rogue:

ლBody: Slink Physic

ლHair: Catwa Ben

ლOutfit: Creed revised

ლWeapons: LR Valcos Axes


{.:DollFace:.}-Play Fight








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