My knight and shining armor

Can’t have princesses without their shining knight. Who else will take down the dragon and save the princess from her tower? You can find your own shining knight at the Medieval Faire/Gacha garden.

❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl 

❥Skin: Bad Seed- Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: {MP} COSMIC Aqua

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno

❥Head: Toddleedoo baby girl mesh KIKIKI


♥TSM: Candy outfit Gacha- I’m 2 shirt

♥{Glitter outfitters} {Dukes} {Classic}

♥~LaZo~ Emilia sneakers


❁*Remembers* Knight’s Castle(Rare); Flying smoke dragon; huggable Knight; and huggable dragon

➤If you click on the castle, it gives you a huggable knight

★Medieval Faire Gotya/Gacha Garden landmark:





Fairies go round

After a long tiring day, I like to come home and play with my fairies. You can get this fairy castle and fairies at this month Medieval Faire Gotya/gacha garden.

❥Body: Toddleedoo Baby girl

❥Skin: Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: {MP} COSMIC Aqua

❥Hair: Pr!tty -Juno

❥Head: Toddleedoo baby girl mesh head KIKIKI


✿~LaZo~Echo dress-baby

✿~LaZo~ Cowgirl boots


❁*Remembers* Fairy Cottage (RARE)

❁*Remembers* Sparkling Flying Fairies

➤The Fairy Cottage has one sitting animation in it. Click on the cottage and it gives out four wearable fairies (pink,purple,green, and blue)

★Medieval Faire Gotya/Gacha Garden landmark:


Be Unicornique


I got told I can be anything I want. So I became a cute unicorn!

❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl

❥Skin: Bad Seed: Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes-Ice Blue Winter

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno

❥Head: Toddleedoo baby girl mesh head- KIKIKI

❥Outfit: {Krayola Kidz} Unicorn Field, Unicorn bow is resizable by clicking on it

❥Pose: [Expressive Poses] Moa

❀{Krayola Kidz} booth landmark:



Well Duh! I’m cute!

You’re cool; I’m epic. You’re fresh; I’m fly. You joke; I kid. You walk; I swag. You dream; I believe. You’re original; I’m unique!

❥Body: Toddleedoo baby girl

❥Skin: Bad Seed: Emily Peach- Dimples

❥Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes- Ice Blue Winter

❥Hair: Magika-Beans (Bow)

❥Head: Toddleedoo Baby mesh head- KIKIKI

❥Outfit: {Krayola Kidz} duh! jumpsuit, shoes can be worn with or without the socks. 

●B&W Sunglasses

❥Pose: Custom made

❥{Krayola Kids} booth landmark:

Facebook link:

Upsie Daisy


What can I say? We are best friends who love doing dangerous things! Want this cute outfit by Spunky Monkey? Check it out now at the Maple Avenue Event!

❥Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl

❥Head: Toddleedoo Baby Mesh head- Kikiki

❥Skin: Bad Seed: Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes- Ice Blue Winter

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno


♥ Charlie V2 Dungarees Plain(The Spunky Monkey) now available at the Maple Avenue

♥ .::*F.O.R*::. – Donut Worry Specs!

❥Pose: Say Cheese!~Shoulder Ride~

❁Maple Avenue landmark:


Mama Wolf and her pup

A Mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in it’s path.

❥Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl

❥Skin: Bad Seed- Emily Peach- Dimples

❥Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes- Ice Blue Winter

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno


♥ {Glitter Outfitters}{Doily Tubetop}{White}{Baby}

♥{Glitter Outfitters}{Dukes}{Bleached}

♥{P*D}-Slip on Sneakers-Black


».In The Moment.Families. ~A Day With Mom~ 1,3,6, Featuring at The Play Room Event

»**SN~ Carry Me Close; Little Ladybug


♥Something New:

♥The Play Room Event:





Wind in our hair… Sand in our toes

Sometimes in life, all you need is your best friend and a beach


❥Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl 

❥Skin: Bad Seed-Emily Peach- Dimples

❥Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes- Ice Blue Winter

❥Hair: Pr!tty-Juno


♔Body: TD Baby Girl Body (Toddledoo Store)

♔Head: Toddledoo Store Kiki Mesh Head (Toddledoo Store)

♔Skin: Abigail Buff (Bad Seed)

♔Eyes: Romantic Eye Applier Hud (Toddledoo Store)

♔Shape: Custom

♔Hair: Pr!tty-Juno


✿{Clair De Lune} Vintage Sailor bathing suit, Available at this month’s round at the Ninety Nine Event

✿B&W- DIVIANA Sunglasses


✿ Sweet Baby Jeep-Pink and Purple


✿ Selfie! {Bellybean}; From the April Round of Shop Hop


❁❁iDreamyou (220,189,2780) 


Little Miss Diva

Even the beach can’t handle this much diva at once 

❥Body: Toddleedoo Baby girl

❥Skin: Bad Seed- Emily Peach-Dimples

❥Hair: Pr!tty- Juno


ღ {Clair De Lune }- Vintage Sailor Bathing Suit Mint {B} , Available at this month’s round at Ninety Nine Event 

ღB&W-DIVINA Sunglasses

ღ ~Sweet Tots~ Peachy Blossom sandals


ღ*CM* Shark Plushie, Also available at this month’s round at Ninety Nine Event

ღBreaux Jr. Baby Beach Towel- Blue Striped, Available at this month’s round at The Play Room Event.


❁iDreamyou (220,189,2780)  

❁Consignment (213, 221, 22)


Just hanging around


Some days I’m a trouble making cutie pie. Other days I pretend to be a monkey and hang from things and scaring people.

∞Body: Toddleedoo Baby girl 

∞Skin: Bad Seed- Emily Peach- Dimples

∞Eyes: [Little Nerds]Doll Eyes- Ice Blue Winter

∞Hair: Truth-Loni (Headband)


☯~Lazo – Xhalia Dress- Baby

☯~Lazo- May Group gift- leggings

☯{Rigby} baby binks: Crown

⇢Pose: D.Luxx poses- hanging(two)