Tough Love


So here I was playing with my toys like a good girl when all of sudden I see a shadow and looked up and pops is behind me. He smiles and leans down and picks me up then holds me upside down and said “Suck it up Princess, it’s tough love” What am I going to do with him?

Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

Hair: Honey Whiskey- Magika

Eyes: Sky- .:Bubblegums:. Soft eyes

Outfit: ~Belted Sweater dress- [Maple]

  • Fits only Toddleedoo Baby
  • comes with a 40 color hud
  • Coming soon to [Maple] store

~Cowboy boots(brown)- Country Couture

Pose: Hanging around- Something New

❀[Maple] store is currently unavailable , but will be open soon

❀[Maple] mp link:




ღGypsy soulღ


♔She has the soul of a gypsy, heart of a hippie, and spirit of a fairy♔

❥Body: Baby girl-Toddleedoo

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

❥Hair: Eve Hair- Wildflowers

❥Head: Moon Bento-Toddleedoo

❥Eyes: Sky- .:Bubblegums:. soft eyes

❥Outfit: Boho-Babe bodysuit- Maple

  • comes with a 30 color hud
  • fits only Toddleedoo Baby
  • coming soon to [Maple] store

❥Pose: Boho Bebe (pose 3)- .In The Moment.Families

❀[Maple] inworld store is currently unavailable  

❀ [Maple] mp link:

Cute Summer poses

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Need some new poses for the summer or just new poses in general? Come by Moon and Back event and get these cute summer poses!!

❥Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

❥Shape: Custom

❥Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

❥Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

❥Hair: Eve Hair- Wildflowers

❥Eyes: Shadow- .:Bubblegums:. Soft eyes

❥Outfit: Dixxie Pink Romper

  • Made by Ohana Inc.
  • Fits Baby,Bebe, and kid
  • Coming to FLF August 18th
  • Ohana Inc Dixxie Yellow Romper AD
  • Dixxie Yellow Romper will also be available for FLF

❥Pose: Girl Summer poses

Moon and Back event is a monthly event. It is currently opened and will be closing on the 31st



Miss Epicness

You have to be pretty awesome to be able to reach this level of epicness

❥Body: Baby girl-Toddleedoo

❥Shape: custom

❥Skin: Sunkissed- Shawn

  • Made by **DoRks**
  • Comes in 4 skin tones: Ivory,Tan,Sunkissed, and Apricot
  • You will need the TD Omega applier for the skins to work
  • Out now at the Color Me Cute event

❥Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

❥Hair: Eve Hair- Wildflowers

❥Eyes: Shadow- .:Bubblegums:. Soft eyes

❥Outfit: Epicness

  • Made by ShortnStuff
  • Unisex outfit coming to FLF August 18th
  • Fits Baby,Bebe, and kid
  • Also a dress-Noelle will be out for FLF
  • fits Baby,bebe, and kid
  • Noelle ad

❥Props/pose: Hover TD FP~ SN

  • Four different poses : Multitasking(in the pic), Hover on the edge(in the pic), Hover Ouchie, Hover Leaning in
  • Hover collage
  • Coming soon to Thimble-a kids event August 20th

Color Me Cute event is 3 week event. It’s currently opened and will be closing September 1st.

Thimble-a kids event is also a 3 week event. It’s currently closed but will be opening August 20th and ending September 10th


Bee a flower


They told me I could be anything I want…. So I wanted to become a flower. It didn’t work for me , the bees wasn’t happy…

Body: Baby girl-Toddleedoo

Shape: Custom

Skin: Emily(cinnamon)- Bad Seed

Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

Hair: Bean(bow)- Magika

Eyes: Shadow- .:Bubblegums:. Soft eyes

Outfit: Floral Soiree-Sammich Fixins

  • Fits Baby,Bebe,and Kid
  • Comes in 6 colors : Azalea, Hibiscus, Lotus, Rose, Sunflower(in the picture), and Zinnia
  • 75L per outfit or 300L for the fatpack
  • Out now at the Moon and Back Event 

Pose/props: Bee- p.o.s.e.

❀Moon and Back Event is a monthly event. It’s currently opened and will close on the 31st

Artist in the making


Every artist starts out as amateur, but it takes a true artist to turn those amateur drawings into something more

❥Body: Baby girl-Toddleedoo

❥shape: Custom

❥Skin:Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

❥Head: Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

❥Hair: Louisa- Truth Hair

❥Eyes: Shadow- .:Bubblegums:. Soft eyes

❥Outfit: Maddison tank outfit- Ohana Inc.

  • Fits Baby,Bebe, and Kid
  • 1 rare , 5 commons
  • Rare: Pink roses , Commons: Gray, Pink, Pink Plaid, Yellow, Yellow squares
  • Comes with a tank top, lace jacket, and shorts
  • 50L Gacha coming soon to Thimble-A kids event 

❥Props/pose: Artworx~ SN

  • Group gift out now

❀Thimble-a kids event, is a event that starts on the 20th of this month and ends September 10th

Me vs You


♔Love me or hate me, either way i’m still gonna shine♔

★Body: Baby girl- Toddleedoo

★Skin: Emily(Cinnamon)- Bad Seed

★Shape: Custom

★Head- Moon Bento- Toddleedoo

★Hair: Honey Whiskey- Magika

★Eyes: Shadow- .::Bubblegums::. Soft eyes

★Outfit: Me vs You- {LMB}

★Pose: Model me~ SN

❀Moon and Back event is a monthly event for Toddleedoos. This month it started on the 8th and will end on the 31st