Ready for camp!

Ready for camp

I’m ready for camp but I hope no one steps on my gecko

~Body: Toddleedoo (fitted)- Toddleedoo

~Skin: Emmaline- [Okkbye]

~Head: Sky- Toddleedoo

~Ears: Noldor Elf- ^^Swallow^^

~Hair: Samira- Doe

~Sunglasses: Sweet heart sunglasses- Sweet Baby

~Overalls: Jules- LaZo

  • fits TD and Bebe Fitted
  • 5 colors for Jeans and 5 colors for shirts
  • 2 exclusives with the fatpack
  • Also available is the Nico outfit
  • Coming soon to Roselline Event

~Shoes: sweet sneakers- Beau Bebe



Farmer’s daughter

farmer's daughter

Body: Bebe fitted- Bebe

Skin: Emmaline- [okkbye]

Head: Sky- Toddleedoo

Hair: Babydoll- Pr!tty

Hat: Sun hat (vanilla)- ~Dream.

Outfit: Shayla- MaPetit

  • Fits Bebe fitted
  • Available in 12 colors
  • Coming soon to Color Me Cute

Shoes: Bella sneakers- N.Bonnie

Sit and Ride Tractor- [Killi’s]

  • Mostly sized for TD and Bebe
  • Tractor and Trailer can be resized and positions can be changed
  • Available in 3 colors: Red,Yellow, and Blue
  • Coming soon to The Cove